• Sunergineer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a technical Solution provider, trader, distributor and Consulting Organization operational in Renewable energy space.
  • We also provide specialized Training/Classes on new technology (IT/Engineering) and also conduct corporate level renewable energy training programs.
  • We focus on Energy optimization & Technology Customization by means of providing value Engineering Services. Our Value Engineering & Innovation
         guaranteed reduction in the overall Project BOS cost by 3-10%.
  • We specialize in providing optimize solutions for Module Mounting System for Solar Plants.Our Valued Engineered Designs are competitive both in cost & quality.
  • We offer Technical including complete Design & Engineering for Pre-Bid as well as Post Bid, PMC & Preventative Maintenance Services for MW scale as well as
         Roof top solar segments.
  • Our total portfolio is above 75MW+ for ground mounted projects and above 5MW+ in rooftop segment.Read More
  • Services Offered

    Preventive Maintenance
    Government Approvals
    And Commissioning